PREMIUMS: Are 20 persons max. You will need to bring your basic modeling tools. These are "Hands-On." (3 hours +/- each.)

101 - TIPS AND TECHNIQUES from FOS SCALE MODELS: Doug Foscale of Fos Scale Models will demonstrate multiple techniques from weathering corrugated roofing to modeling sidewalks and stone walls – using the newest materials and realistic techniques. Then you will get to try each technique yourself, leaving the clinic inspired and able to try to methods in your modeling. 

102- Carving Foam w/ Jason Jensen: Join Jason Jensen as he shows you the different techniques on how to carve foam to create cement, bricks, stone foundations and rocks as well. He then will show you how to weather your creations using paints and pastel chalks. This will give your layout a lifelike appearance for little cost.

103 -Rusting Metal w/ Jason Jensen: Do you ever wonder how to get those rusted metal rooftops? Come join Jason Jensen as he shows you how to use acrylic paint, sponges, and pastel chalk to create a realistic rust effect to your rooftops. The participants will be given a chance to try the techniques on rooftops from Jason Jensen Trains kits.

104 - Building the King Post Bridge by Hunterline Products. Rick & Maureen from Hunterline return to the EXPO once again and will be covering a lot of methods and techniques that any level of modeler can use. In a short time (this clinic is usually 3-4 hours) you will be building a beautiful bridge from start-to-finish. Hunterline provides their King Post Bridge kit, while Rick & Maureen teach you how build it, and also how to use their various weathering stains that no modelers workbench should be without. You'll need to bring your basic modeling tools. We'll update the attendees of everything required for this amazing Platinum Clinic that will fill up fast. Limited to just 20 attendees.

106 - Painting & Weathering Laser Etched Brick - Nick Masney and Dave Ross of ITLA Scale Models walk you through the benefits of modeling masonry in wood, and the basics of coloring their etched brick wall components. From simple “rattle can” brick tones to distressing the wood & weathering with layers of acrylic colors. An ITLA kit will be provided for this clinic. 

105 - Build a Mini Billboard Scene  - RON POIDOMANI . Build a mini Billboard Scene with Ron Poidomani. Attendees will be able to build a custom billboard that was featured on The Waterbury Pen Co (RMC Dec 2017). In addition to the billboard, attendees will model a mini scene. Some of the techniques that will be taught include, Weathering signs, basic scenery techniques, Weathering a stone wall and painting and Weathering castings. Attendees will receive custom castings by Ron Poidomani. At the end of the clinic attendees should be able to have a completed billboard mini scene.

107 - Above and Beyond Simple Static Grass... with Jim Elster Jim of Scenery Express Jim will show you how to get the most out of your static grass applicator, to get grass results you can’t get any other way. Create lush fields and pastures using static grass! He’ll be sharing the techniques of Martin Welberg, a manufacturer of realistic grass products. Bring your static grass applicator if you have one.  You can purchase one in the clinic for $85. ADVANCED premium clinic.

108 – Light it Up! – Bill Sartore Lighting your structure models adds another level of realism to your diorama or layout. Learn all about LED lighting and conquer any fear you may have of soldering. You bring the tools and Bill will provide the LEDs and materials to get you started. Perhaps you have a structure model you want to light that you can bring along with you. By all means bring it and we’ll figure out a plan for lighting it. In this clinic you will work on interesting little projects that will build your confidence and raise your skill level. Travelling by air and can’t bring the tools you want? No problem! Let Bill know and he’ll make sure you have everything you need to participate.

109 - Advanced Modeling Techniques for Finishing Structures and Scenery HAL REYNOLDS- Hal will walk you through creating a poured concrete look on building, his wall painting technique and tips on making more realistic scenery many more useful techniques.

110 - Jump In to Structure Building! Robert Seckler will take you through the steps using a small HO scale kit. He will show you the methods used to prep, weather and assemble a wood craftsman structure kit.

111 – Model a Sunken Boat! With Jon Addison. In this workshop Jon will show you how to make a boat look old and dilapidated and then how to sink it in the water. Jon will show you how to use a wood burner effectively do you finish off your boat. And will learn how to color the water also and then use material to finish to create a final scene. You will be supplied with all the things you need to complete the scene including the boat. Don’t miss this unique clinic to create a eye catching scene on your dioramas and layout.

112 - Award Winning & Realistic Water Techniques w/ Bill Obenauf.  Award winning modeler Bill Obenauf takes you through the steps to create realistic water with depth using Envirotex. You’ll build your own scene, properly color a water base and pour resin as water. Materials provided. Bring your standard tools and brushes to participate.

113 - The Basic Introduction to Static Grass Applicator’s with Jim Elster  Jim of Scenery Express will show the basics to apply static grass to create a realistic grass scene. Bring your static grass applicator if you have one. You can purchase one in the clinic for $85. Beginner premium clinic

114 - Build a Waterfall Mini Scene. Doug from Fos Scale Models will show you how to design and build a dramatic waterfall scene. Create your own scene in the clinic by building out a foam base, carving your own rock work and detailing the scene with realistic scenery.  

STANDARD CLINICS - Open Seating - 60 minutes +/-

201 - Realistic Water front Scenes Using Prototype Photos. RON POIDOMANI  -  Ron will share numerous waterfront photos taken over the years to inspire and use as a reference in your modeling. Clinic will cover types of seawalls, pilings, low tide muck scenes and ship tie downs. A finished model will be available for attendees to view.

202 Gatorfoam! With Dave Meyers. Dave will share withyou all the uses for this great , stable modeling material that can be used for backdrops, model bases, scenery forming and more.

203 RUST 2.0- BOB MITCHELL : Veteran modeler Bob Mitchell will show you realistic, yet attainable techniques to create rust finishes on just about anything you model. Don’t miss Bob’s vast modeling experience and great wit!

204 -Selective Compression – Mike Baker : Mike Baker of Nick & Nora Designs will show you model railroading’s most useful illusion, selective compression - the artistic impression to hold the look of a building, and still compress it to fit on a model railroad layout.

205 - New Materials & Techniques for Modeling Water in Motion – Dave Revelia. In this clinic Dave will show you the latest methods he’s been inspired by ,and developed to model  hyper realistic water in motion. It’s as if he froze the water in place and used a shrinking ray gun. You won’t believe it’s a model! 

206 - Weathering Mix Clinic – Rick & Maureen Hunter Weathering your scenery and models is a simple process and makes a huge difference in the appearance of anything you'll do. Rick & Maureen from Hunterline have a fantastic line of weathering stains. This clinic goes over how easy it is to get fantastic results from Hunterline products. They will show appli cations for wood, plastics, hy drocal, foams and other medium s as well as how to achieve multiple color surfaces. One of the most popular EXPO standard clinics, many attendees have told us that going a second time is well worth it. Get into this standard clinic early if you want to get a seat.

207 - Making Signs for Your Structures  -RON POIDOMANI . Ron will show you a variety of ways to make realistic signs, but large and small for your craftsman kit builds and kitbashes.

208 - Roofing Basics with Ron Poidomani. Ron's clinic will show you various types of roofing materials used when building craftsman kits. Simple techniques will be discussed on how to weather the rooftop to achieve realistic results. In addition to model and prototype photos, attendees will be able to view finished samples of roofing materials. 

210 - The Devil's in the Details with Don Railton.  Don  will discuss the use of added details to bring life to a modeling scene of any scale.  Commercially available detail parts, details built from scratch, the controversy of including figures, nail holes and graffiti  and creative uses of acrylic paints with a brush for added detail on a structure or rolling stock will be some of the topics discussed.  Don will also review examples of detailed structures and dioramas created by some of the world's best miniature artists.

211 - From Dreams to Reality -  Jason of Jason JensenTrains will show you his journey into kit designing. Jason will take you step by step through the design process. He will start at the very beginning with the initial sketch ideal and take you all the way through to the end product. He will focus on how he assembled the kits as well as his techniques for painting and weathering them. He will also discuss how he photographed them for box art and adds.

212 - The Path to Realistic Models is Layering . Doug from Fos Scale Models will share some techniques that are easily replicated. Just as the real world is made up of layers of vegetation, building materials weathered by nature and littered by manmade debris and objects – it can all be recreated in miniature on your dioramas and layouts.

213 - Structure Lighting - Join Bill Sartore as he takes you step by step through the process of *realistic* structure lighting. He’ll show you some of his techniques as well as methods used by others. Learn how to light anything from a simple crossing shanty to a large factory. Bill will take you step by step through the process of planning and wiring your structure lighting project. Regardless of your skill level you’ll be able to go home with the confidence to shine some light with your newfound skills.       

214 -  Modeling an On30 Layout on a Door with Hal Reynolds. Hal will show you how he turned a 12” wide hollow core door into a finely modeled On30 water front scene that can be connected to other modules. 

216 - Carving Rocks for Your Scenery. DAVE KOTSONIS – Dave will take you through the easy step by step process of carving your own rocks from Plaster of Paris using a chisel and a few tools. You will learn how to make unique shapes and outcroppings instead of using repetitive molds. Dave will also show you how to color your rocks as well as some of his scenery techniques to help you make a realistic mountain scene.

218 – Molds & Casting with Dave Meyers. Dave will take you though the steps to create your own molds to easily duplicate model parts in excellent detail.

219 – Workbench to Layout Rob Seckler will show you how to integrate your finished structure and diorama into your existing layout. Picking the correct location, position and purpose are all important factors that will add realism to your scene when you add your finished models into your model railroad.

220 - Dynamic and Dramatic Modeling. Doug from Fos Scale Models will illustrate how to make a scene come to life using hierarchy and balance. Your modeling scenes will be more realistic with just a few tweaks here and there.

221- Detail Casting Painting and Weathering. Vilius Bileisis will share his tips and techniques on white metal, resin, plastic, plaster detail casting painting to make them look like weathered wood, rusted metal, glass, and more.

222 - Tune up your Modeling! Hal Reynolds . Hal is always developing and improving his modeling techniques, to get the most realistic, museum quality results. Discover of tips and techniques for improving your model building. 

223- Introduction to Craftsman Structure Kits w/ Mike Baker of Nick & Nora Designs. A major part of the Model Railroad since the early 1960’s, craftsman structure kits can seem over whelming to newcomers to the hobby.  Things are not always as difficult as they seem, and this clinic will discuss the major manufacturers of craftsman structure kits, general materials included in the kits and an open discussion of the various instructions.  Then this clinic will move on the best practices, tool and techniques to successfully build these kits into contest quality structures and complete scenes.

224 - Craftsman Kits Fit Finish and Details w/ Jack Ellis Going over paints, glues and some tools to make the making the kits easier. Painting and weathering techniques, staining wood, roofing material, signs and painting detail parts Lots of show and tell and examples of the techniques and a 13 page hand out on cd with some bonus material. Ideal for beginner and experts

EXPO Clinics & Clinicians are subject to updates, changes, and substitution.  * DENOTES